Issaquah Locks

Custom assembled security solutions

Issaquah Locks assembles and sells a variety of physical security products for both residential and commercial applications. We often work through our door hardware and manufacturing partners.

Custom Locking Solutions

We work with OEMs to come up with locking solutions to fit their products needs.

Assembled In House

We stock and assemble most items on site and keys are cut to order.

High Quality

We strive to have the most reliable high quality products on the market and back it up with an in house warranty.

Customer Driven

With tight QA process and all products individually tested we strive for a 0% return rate. Our agents are well trained on the technical aspects of our products to make sure the right product for the customer is ordered every time.

Locking Solutions Done Right

Not all locks are the same and an incorrect solution may be worse than none at all. We work to understand your target application and can help you best solve the security needs you have. There is always a balance between cost, security, and convenience and we can help you find the intersection of those points.

About Us

We have been selling custom locking solutions for over a decade and carry some of the top manufacturers. We work with manufacturers in Europe, Asia, Australia and have partners in many countries around the world. Our solutions are built to help you succeed in securing what you need in the way you need it.

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